Samantha Butcher Wellness Coach

''Wellness is about feeling good in all the ways"

Hi! I'm Samantha Dawn Butcher, a Food & Wellness coach specialising in Eating Psychology, Mind-Body Wellness & Plant Based Nutrition.


I help people develop a more joyful, peaceful relationship with the things that nourish them - good food, pleasurable movement, life balance - so they create sustainable lifestyle change, natural weight loss and vibrant wellness.


As our relationship with food begins in childhood, I also teach parents how to establish healthy eating behaviours in their children (even those with sensory challenges), so they enjoy a wide variety of foods and grow up experiencing nourishing food as a joy and a pleasure, instead of a struggle. I have over a decade’s experience working with children and their parents, helping children love the food that loves them back (yes, I'm talking about fruits & veggies – it can be done!)


I have a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Health Education & Promotion), a Graduate Diploma in Wellness (Coaching), and a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. I’m also an accredited HEAL (Healthy Eating & Lifestyle) facilitator. 


I’m based in Stirling in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in South Australia. You can come and see me in person, or we can connect online.

I offer new clients a free initial chat to explore how I can support you best.  I’d love to work with you and your family to become the happiest, healthiest versions of yourselves.