Cognitive decline is often viewed as a normal, albeit distressing part of aging. However, that there’s a lot we can do to remain mentally sharp into our twilight years - and one of those is eating our greens.

When you eat a whole food plant based diet, the positive changes can be dramatic. They certainly were for me; weight loss, clearer skin and so much more energy

When we know how to nourish ourselves well, and train our minds to have the presence to understand what’s driving our choices, weight loss happens naturally

So you'd like to try mindful eating? Here’s a simple practice to get you started.

Here are 5 ways to make cooking with whole plant foods a whole lot less effort.

What is it that leads one group of people to live long, healthy lives, and other groups to have life expectancies 30, even 40 years shorter?

When I got curious about going 100% plant-based I didn’t expect a big change. How wrong I was! Just a few small changes led to weight loss, more energy and more

For a parent who cares about healthy eating, navigating the endless opportunities for children to eat junk food can be overwhelming at times. Here are my four top tips for helping kids to make good food choices in a fast food world.

Kids can be some of the toughest food critics around, right? What they love one week they can suddenly turn their noses up at the next. What’s a parent to do?

When we have a positive relationship with food, we’re able to feed our body what it needs to be healthy, enjoy treats without guilt and feel relaxed about eating. As parents, there’s lots we can do to help kids feel good about food. Here are five ways you can help your kids have a positive relationship with food.

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