Your wellness, powered by plants

I Feel Good - a whole food plant based lifestyle program


If you're looking for all the tools you need to transform your health in one neat package, you're in the right place. The I Feel Good program has all the recipes, menu plans, education and inspiration you need to achieve your health & wellness goals simply, and sustainably.

And as a proud affiliate partner of I Feel Good, I'm super excited to offer this program to you. At AUD$397 (or just over a dollar a day) it's amazing value.

About the program

The I Feel Good program will give you all the tools you need to transform your health, lose and maintain weight, gain energy, improve athletic performance, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent and reverse lifestyle disease plus make you feel good. It helps you fast track your results!

How the program works:

You Get 12 Months Access To Whole Food Plant Based Recipes & Meal Plans, Online Training, Group Coaching & Support

Your 12 months membership gives you access to:

4 week whole food plant based kickstart program:

  • easy, delicious and incredibly healthy whole food plant based meals.

  • weekly shopping lists to make it super easy for you to have the right foods in your kitchen.

  • prep ahead guides to save cooking time during the week.

  • thermo cooking conversions for all recipes.

  • repeat as many times as you like within the 12 months.

  • produces results fast.

Weekly live group coaching calls to teach you how to:

  • easily eat this when you are super busy.

  • eat this way even when others in your house don't want to.

  • eat out and when travelling.

  • get kids eating more plants.

  • overcome sweet and food cravings.

  • make it sustainable.


  • over 400 delicious whole food plant based (no oil) recipes.

  • plant based nutrition videos on protein, calcium, iron and many more.

  • fortnightly online cooking classes.

  • an amazing support community.

  • goal setting and beliefs workshops.

  • movement, meditation and breathe work to create more balance in your life.

Meet Adam Guthrie, founder of the I Feel Good program


Adam is a professionally trained chef with a certificate in plant based nutrition. At age 39 Adam had a heart attack. He was 110kg (240lb), depressed and unfulfilled. 

The heart attack was a wake-up call, he realised that he needed to change and he wanted to change. 

As a result, he discovered a simple, natural way of eating and living that helped him get off medication, lose 30kg (66lb) and gain enough energy to do an Ironman Triathlon. 

Adam is the founder of The I Feel Good Program, which has helped hundreds of people transform their health with a plant based diet. Adam also is the vegan food writer for the national magazines, EatWell and Nourish and has been feature on ABC, the Osher Gunsberg podcast, Plant Proof podcasts and other media.

"This is not a traditional health program. It's an education in whole food plant based living, cooking, eating and nutrition.


A place where you get the support to make this lifestyle sustainable and be able to eat more food than you ever thought possible and still lose weight and prevent and reverse disease." 

- Adam Guthrie, founder of I Feel Good.